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We love travel, culture, history and learning. We also love speaking with women of all ages & backgrounds from around the world, and find those conversations still very much lacking in the media, the industry and in the culture at large. We miss out on so much multigenerational wisdom and disappearing traditions because of it, and it is our wish to connect with as many people as possible, near and far, and pass along some gems along the way. So here we are, rebooting the old blog and podcast,  to make room for something new and to celebrate women. Let's go!


Founder & co-host Carrie A. Mitchell is an award-winning digital media, marketing & communications executive with 15+ years of global experience in developing brands, campaigns, social media and content for leading travel, hospitality, lifestyle, and media companies. She is also a global travel expert and enthusiastic multimedia storyteller, writing, speaking, and creating content covering travel, culture, and design for various lifestyle publications and syndicated news segments, and also the author of two books.


For more, visit her personal website, LinkedIn or connect on social @carrieamitchell