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Celebrating Atlas Of Beauty

Updated: Jan 18

A glorious instagram feed of real women around the world from Mihaela Noroc

I have long admired Mihaela Noroc, creator of The Atlas of Beauty. She has created a beautiful career out of photographing women around the World, now with her little daughter in tow. Originally from Bucharest, Romania, Mihaela was Inspired by her father’s paintings and began experimenting with photography as a teenager - still too shy to go on the streets to take photos of strangers and even years later, despite studying photography in college, she felt lacking in confidence to pursue it professionally. Largely a hobby, it was a life-changing trip to Ethiopia that she realized she could combine her passion for travel with her love of photography and turn it into a career. What began as a small personal project funded by her meager savings, The Atlas of Beauty has evolved into a stunning collector’s book that features 500 of Noroc’s portraits of women around the world.

In a media world where so many photos of distorted, and beauty images too often relegated to a small, similar selection of physicality, The Atlas of Beauty explores the beauty in the many faces around the globe. Get inspired here: www.instagram.com/the.atlas.of.beauty

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