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If there is any way to lessen the footprint travel leaves on our environment, then we are all ears. Here are some green-friendly products to bring on your next trip

I am always looking for “green” travel products. It’s become a lifestyle, making good choices to reduce waste, and as someone who travels frequently I like to lessen what I use on the road to minimize my footprint where possible. We all know that with increased travel, comes an increased impact on the environment. From exploring solutions to transportation pollution (train, planes, automobiles: in the European Union alone, greenhouse gas emissions from aviation increased by 87% between 1990 and 2006), to the growth of ‘eco-tourism’ and ‘sustainable tourism’ based on traveler impact on local areas. There is certainly a lot to unpack here, but for the purposes of this post, I wanted to share some of my favorite recent products that I take on the road.

1. Fellow writer and sojourner Jedidiah Jenkins created the Byta stainless steel tumbler available for hot & cold beverages. These are great to take around with you everywhere for you local coffee, water, etc. And stylish too! (*Bonus. It would be difficult to take on the road but I can’t enough of my friend’s beautiful glassware collection Bib & Sola)

2. Steripen Water Purifier: It’s always important to limit bottled water whenever possible, and while drinking water is fine in most places, you will need to consider a purifier in others.

3. Lush Toiletries: Lush doesn’t use much packaging, and they take going green seriously – just look at their famous solid shampoo. It’s perfect for travel, and you can always purchase their LUSH tin to hold it or other products.

4. Solio Solar powered battery: Try using the sun to power up your electronics rather than needing to plug in!

5. Tom’s Shoes: This are so light and pack very easily for your backup and/or every day shoe while you are on the road. And certainly you may know about their mission to supply one pair of shoes for someone in need for every pair sold.

6. Stainless Steel Straws: Much like the tumblrs mentioned above, metal straws are a great alternative to all that plastic you regularly throw away, and in some places i’s best not to touch the rim of the soda can or pop bottle. Better safe (and eco conscious)! 

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