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Updated: Jan 28

After launching Travel Oracles we were asked by a lot of people how to launch one from home, with little or no budget. We want to hear your story, so here’s learn how to podcast.

By now we all know that podcasts are a great medium in which to share your stories, and one that is easily accessible to all to make and/or to listen (for all of you travel nomads, they are easy to make from anywhere). To recap on where the industry is at these days, read my Medium article “The State Of Podcasting.”

Do you want to start a podcast from home with little to no budget?

After launching our shows we realized just how accessible the medium is for anyone to start sharing, so here’s how.  In my “Things I’ve Learned” video series, I share condensed tutorials on what I’ve learned from self-publishing a book, to building websites, producing podcasts, selecting tech + cameras, photography tips, and more. I hope it is helpful!

Links to Learn How To Podcast:

1. Use your macbook Garage Band application, apple headphones or the Blue Snowball iCE microphone

2. Use Skype audio, and LineIn + Soundflower apps for distant interview recordings. Learn set up with PJ here

3.  Use Fiverr.com to get your show image made, a music intro, and find an editor

4. Pre-production: Lay out the possible flow of the conversation – subject points – and provide a list of potential questions and/or topics to your interview guests beforehand. I also record a standard intro and outro to sandwich my episodes for time sake.

5. Show length: aim to stay in the 30-45 minute window, unless you have a larger round table discussion and want to extend to an hour (but it’s long for listeners)

6. Post-Production: Label/share all files with your editor via Google Doc folders. Make a list of the order and edits you want (Ie. Music intro, general intro, guest into, conversations segments with music break markers, outro)

7.  Use one Upload hosting source for your shows, like Blubrry or Soundcloud

8. Once your first show is up on your hosting website, submit information + RSS feed to podcast inclusion in: iTunes, Soundcloud, Acast, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Google Play Music (it’s very easy, open to everyone)

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