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Namira Salim

"It was my childhood dream to become an astronaut. I am a person who loves solitude, and I have always dreamt of being amongst the stars."

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Namira Salim (b. 1975) is the first Pakistani to reach the North and South Pole, skydive over Mount Everest and the first Pakistani woman to travel into space. These feats have not been accomplished without obstacles, especially coming from a culture that traditionally believes women should be settling down to get married as opposed to adventuring out in space. But Namira continues to fight stereotypes and live a life where she works hard to make her dreams a reality while at the same time being an inspiration for other Pakistani women. These feats were not accomplished without equal parts daring and optimism. Before skydiving over Mount Everest Namira watched one plane crash in the terrible weather and a fellow diver crashing and breaking all of her bones before deciding she did still want to complete the dive. Salim continues to travel between Monaco, where she lives, as well as Dubai and Pakistan. She is booked on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic flight to space which will be the first commercial space venture.

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