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Nashville, Tennessee

Just a quick flight from NYC, Nashville is a great place to join some friends, catch some live music and eat great food. It’s always a great time to visit Music City

Yet another trip to the South! I just can’t help myself…it’s always fun, and a quick flight from NYC. Nashville has been calling my name for year’s so I thought this was a good time to visit Music City. This is a friendly city, and there are many neighborhoods to explore – Uber is a great option if you don’t rent a car. For years, Nashville has been dubbed “a drinking town with a music problem,” but whiskey and country tunes are just a small part of what makes this vibrant city tick. The Cumberland River slicing right through its epicenter provides ample opportunity for water outings—not to mention stunning skyline views, best glimpsed from the pedestrian bridge—as does the nearby Percy Priest Lake. Downtown’s famed “Honky Tonky Row,” which runs down Broadway to the riverfront with additional live music venues spilling over onto Second Avenue, is where the bulk of the tourists congregate, but there’s much more to Nashville than the bright lights of Lower Broad.


Avoid the downtown core because of the noise….further up the road is a cluster of hotels by Vanderbilt university including the Lowes and Marriott. Both good options, though I am willing to bet there are some great Airbnb options too. UPDATED: Check out Urban Cowboy B&B:, Germantown Inn , The 404 hotel , Noelle Nashville


We made sure to stop at both the famous Ryman Auditorium and the Country Music Hall of Fame (the Johnny Cash museum is here too)


SO MANY CHOICES! Absolutely BBQ, and Hattie B’s fried chicken, but there is a rising restaurant scene that has seen places like Rolf & Daughters and Adele’s (Have also heard good things about Husk, Treehouse, Wild Cow, Moto). There are also gems you may need to drive for, like the amazing biscuits at Loveless Cafe (go early!) or Barista cafe in East Nashville.


Live music is a must! Check out local shows while you are in town, or even stop by the famous Bluebird. Of course, it’s kind of tradition to have one night of cocktails on the main strip bouncing around the downtown bars & Honky-Tonks full of bands – The Stage and Roberts are two favorites. Further out of the downtown core, is Pinewood social which is great for laid back cocktails and even bowling!


My favorite was shopping along 12th Street South, and Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James was beyond adorable. It’s her only store, though you can shop online, and I highly recommend it.

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