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Navajo Nation & Orenda Tribe

Let’s start with this recent article I wrote for Conde Nast Traveler “How Orenda Tribe Is Supporting Hard-Hit Navajo Nation During the Coronavirus

I first met Amy Yeung last year and was so inspired by her story, creativity, empathy, vision, tenacity, and her New-Mexico based brand Orenda Tribe, that I wanted everyone else to know about her too. So here we are, and I thought I would use this opportunity to highlight the challenges the Navajo Nations (as well as other indigenous groups, like NN neighbors Apache and Pueblo Tribes) are under during the current Covid Crisis. They need support, so I will continue to collect ways to do so here as I find them in an every-moving new reality. (Read the recent Los Angeles Times article “On Navajo Nation, coronavirus creates worry and confusion as cases surge

From the article: “As the largest Native American reservation, one that spans portions of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, politicians and health officials are mounting a frantic effort to curb the spread of the coronavirus. The impact could be especially devastating, officials fear, in an extremely rural area larger than West Virginia, with roughly 175,000 residents and only four inpatient hospitals.”

Orenda Tribe is fundraising to make more PPE and supplies —> DONATE HERE

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