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Samin Nosrat: Salt Fat Acid Heat

Updated: Jan 18

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. If you’ve cooked from the book or watched the Netflix series, you probably already love Samin Nosrat.

As an Iranian-American based in California, Nosrat offers her insight on her families food culture, while enthusiastically exploring the many, many, many flavors around the world.

From The New Yorker: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat,” Nosrat’s first book, is a clear-eyed, conversational, often strikingly funny explication of the fundamental principles of good cooking, drawing on her years as a professional cook and cooking teacher. It was published in 2017—in the life cycle of cookbooks, an eternity ago—and yet, even now, it holds steady on the best-seller lists. (Last year, I named it one of the ten best cookbooksof the twenty-first century.) A Netflix seriesof the same name débuted a year later; it’s a four-episode travelogue in which Nosrat explores each of the book’s central topics in situ—learning about salt in Japan, acid in Mexico, fat in Italy, and heat back home, in California. When the show was released, it felt like everyone with a Netflix log-in fell in love with Nosrat all at once: her disarming grin, her unselfconscious enthusiasm, the way she threw herself so exuberantly into the sensory pleasures of both making and eating food. The show takes the book’s thesis of trusting your senses in the kitchen and extends it outward: onscreen, Nosrat celebrates hand-tooled equipment, artisan-made ingredients, and the slow, small, steady business of feeding oneself (and others) with earnest delight."

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